What we do.

We provide pipework installation services for Education. Schools, colleges and universities.

Retail. John Lewis Waitrose M&S

Residential Tourism and leisure Travelodge Greens

Commerce and finance. High street banks and insurers.

Industry. Jaguar, Land Rover Perkins.

Our opertives are fully trained and are proficient in the installation techniques and procedures for:
Hot and Cold water services.
Vented and Unvented systems.
Heating and ventilation.
Oils andGas
Steam and Condensates.
Compressed Air.
Chilled and Cooling waters.
Above ground Drainage.

Our opertives are conversant in the use off differing metals and their alloys, plastics and pneumatics.

Our operatives are all CSCS trained as required by law and uphold their resposibilities to health, safety and welfare.